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How Poor Credit Scorers Can Avail Auto Credit Loan

When you don’t have sufficient credit rating but must have cash for purchasing a vehicle, poor credit auto financial loans are exist for. However, the purchasers getting bad credit score might be billed more interest rate through the loan companies on approving unhealthy credit auto financial loans. Poor credit automotive financial loans aren’t the same… Read More »

3 Ways To “Gamify” Your Credit Scores

What does gamify mean? ‘Gamification’ means to turn ordinary actions into virtual games that you play and you frame these activities based on game concepts. The reason people gamify certain things like work, business, school work and other activities is that they want to take away a lot of the “work” aspect of the activity… Read More »

5 Ways To Boost Your Credit Score

Despite what you may have heard on late night television commercials, there aren’t a lot of fast and legitimate ways to fix a bad credit score. Some companies will try to get old derogatory remarks removed by focusing on creditors that are known to not respond, while others will employ a letter-writing campaign to have… Read More »

What Does Your Credit Score Consist Of

Credit scores can be confusing to dissect. For years it was always a mystery how the credit reporting agencies came up with your score. This number is so important that it dictates how much you’ll pay for a car loan or a home loan. Well there is no mystery anymore. We now know what elements… Read More »

Dispute Credit Report Errors

Months before going to apply for an auto loan, you should check your credit report. You most likely already know where you stand. If you’re used to getting collection call and blowing off debts you most likely have bad credit. But if you always pay everything on time you most likely have great credit. If… Read More »

Do Credit Inquiries Hurt My Score?

If you have decided to purchase a new car and will be financing it, you want to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. This doesn’t mean just the best deal on the car itself, but the best interest rates as well. So you may be tempted to shop around from dealership to… Read More »

Getting A Car With No Credit

Unbelievably, sometimes it may be easier to get a loan for a car when you have bad credit rather than not having credit at all. This is why it is imperative that you use your credit wisely as early as you can. For young people, they can be added to their parents credit card or… Read More »

The Consequences Of A Repossession

When purchasing a car on credit you need to make timely payments each month or else you risk losing your car in a vehicle repossession. That’s why it’s important to only take on a loan you are sure you can afford. It’s also a good idea to have savings just in case you run into… Read More »

Do Balance Transfers Affect Your Credit?

One of the ways consumers can save money while still enjoying the convenience and benefits of credit cards is by transferring high-interest rate balances to low or zero-percent cards offered through the mail or online. With promotional balance transfer credit card periods now lasting as long as 21 months, simple mathematics will show that the… Read More »