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Buying A Car From A Private Seller

The current economy has created a buyer’s market for most purchases, including home and auto sales. Dealer incentives have made purchasing a new or a used car quite affordable. If you’re in the market for a used car, you can find even better bargains by buying from a private seller. Many car owners might be… Read More »

Getting A Good Deal On A Used Car

There is a lot to be said for saving a buck, and when it comes to the purchase of a vehicle, the more you can save the better you will feel. There are some great ways to get a good deal on used vehicles. One of the best tips is to visit police and government… Read More »

Benefits Of Buying A Car With Cash

There are two main ways to buy a car. You could buy one with an upfront cash payment and have it paid off or you can make payments on it. There are pros and cons with either method, but today I’m going to list some of the benefits of buying a car with cash. Negotiation… Read More »

An Old Salesmans Trick

Let’s say you’re at the dealer working out the financial details of your possible new car purchase. Then the finance guy leaves and says he’ll be back in a bit, he needs to verify some things, print some stuff out, talk to his supervisor, etc. So there you are, in their office with your friend… Read More »