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Refinancing When You’ve Got Bad Credit

As the present US economy is already in a fragile state and is showing no signs of recovery, there are many debtors who are finding it impossible to manage their finances. Nowadays banks are much less willing to lend out money than they were in the previous years and this is the reason why most… Read More »

Car Buying Tips

– Get pre-approved first. If you’re going to be financing your loan get pre approved on your loan first. This way you can compare the rate that your dealer will offer you. – Bring a friend. Don’t go car shopping alone. Having a second opinion goes a long way. Everyone at the dealership will be… Read More »

Re-Establishing Your Credit

If you’re at the dealer and you get the bad news that you have bad credit, they will often times still offer you a car loan but for a very high interest rate. One of the lines they’ll use is this.. You have bad credit, but we believe in you, we trust you. I’m willing… Read More »

Vehicle Repossessions. What You Should Know

When you buy a car on credit, you don’t even own the car until you’re done paying for it. The bank owns your car. This means that you are borrowing it. Your vehicle can be taken away from you if you violate the contract you signed at the time you signed your car loan. Here… Read More »

Don’t Be Fooled By The Monthly Payment

When buying a new car you would think that the most important thing is what your monthly payment will be. You calculate what you earn and then subtract your rent/mortgage payment, utility fees, miscellaneous fees and then you come up with a dollar figure you can afford per month. But there’s a problem with that.… Read More »

Increase Your Loan Approval Chances

Here are some tips to increase the chances that you’ll be approved on an auto loan.. – It helps if you’ve previously paid off a car before. There’s nothing better that a lender wants to see than a paid off car in your credit report. – Good income to debt ratio. In other words, make… Read More »

Prime Lenders vs. Sub Prime Auto Lenders

Based on your credit history you may find either a prime or sub prime auto lender is your best choice. The Differences Between Prime and Sub Prime Lenders Prime and sub prime lenders differ in the types of auto loans they offer. Prime lenders offer auto loans to those with credit scores of 650 or… Read More »

Which is Better: A Car Lease or a Car Loan?

It is an often debated case, to lease a car or buy a car? This article will explain the basics of both to help you make a better decision when deciding whether to lease your car or get a car loan from a car loan company. Car leases and car loans are simply two different… Read More »

What Types of Loans Are Available

In this article I’ll be describing and defining the different types of auto loans which are usually available. Unsecured Auto Loans vs. Secured Auto Loans A secured loan is a loan in which you offer collateral against the loan. Meaning if you don’t pay off the loan, the lender can take possession of the property… Read More »