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Your First Car. Can You Afford It?

When you’re thinking about buying a new car and having it financed you should think about what you can and can’t afford. Don’t get your hopes up thinking you’re walking away with the best car on the lot. There are many things to consider. Do you have good credit? Do you have a good down… Read More »

Do I Quality For An Auto Loan?

Often times when someone buys a car on credit it’s their first time testing their credit score. You usually buy a car before having the opportunity to buy a house. Some go in confidently to the dealer figuring that since they’ve never missed a payment that their credit score should be high. But you really… Read More »

For the Best Rate: Know Your Credit Score

When it comes to getting an auto loan, your credit score is the single most important factor. Before purchasing a new car, it’s best to get approved for an auto loan first, so you know just how much you can afford and so you’ll be sure you’re getting a good deal and you’re not pressured… Read More »

Auto Loan Tips and Common Mistakes

In this article, we’ll detail a few common mistakes that auto buyers make when looking for the right auto loan. The first mistake people often times make is shopping for a car before shopping for an auto loan. There’s no need to waste your time shopping for a $30k vehicle when auto loan companies may… Read More »

What To Look For In An Auto Loan

Auto loans make it easy for people to buy their dream cars. Without auto loans, most of us would find it difficult to drive a luxury automobile. Auto loans are good for consumers, dealerships and for financial institutions. Auto loans are available through a variety of sources, such as banks, credit unions and auto dealer… Read More »