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5 Tips For Saving Money On Your Car

Owning a car is a necessary evil for many people. While most people need a car to get to their jobs, the doctor and other obligations, owning a vehicle is an expensive endeavor. From insurance to taxes and repairs, it seems that cars are constant sources of expenses. Read on to discover 5 tips for… Read More »

Three Costly Auto Loan Mistakes

Buying a car is an exciting time, but sometimes that excitement can cloud your good judgement. It is easy to sit down at the negotiating table and sign any paper they want. But if you want to get the best deal possible you’ll need to have a plan in place beforehand that you will stick… Read More »

Using A Loan Calculator

Planning to get financing help by applying for a loan? For most people, it sounds to be a very stressful experience to apply for a mortgage loan. We will have to take many things into consideration while applying for any type of mortgage loans. Plus, there will be a lot of money to be spent… Read More »

8 Tips For Organizing Your Official Car Documents

Proper record keeping is very important for anything that involves finances. This is certainly no different when the investment is an automobile. Keeping good records can make the difference when trying to get a good deal when trading a car in or selling it yourself. It is also extremely important for many legal reasons as… Read More »

9 Car Insurance Discounts

A good driving record goes a long way toward saving money on car insurance, but it is not the only way to earn a discount. Even with a driving history riddled with accidents, traffic violations or both, you may be able to take advantage of these discounts. Vehicle Safety Equipment Upgrade your vehicle’s safety gear… Read More »

An Old Salesmans Trick

Let’s say you’re at the dealer working out the financial details of your possible new car purchase. Then the finance guy leaves and says he’ll be back in a bit, he needs to verify some things, print some stuff out, talk to his supervisor, etc. So there you are, in their office with your friend… Read More »

Staying Safe When Buying A Car Online

Wherever there is money changing hands, you’re sure to find scammers looking to find new ways to part you from your cash and they are becoming bolder in their methods. Although sometimes a scam can be hard to spot, being aware of commonly used scams will make them easier for you to avoid when you’re… Read More »

Buying Car Insurance Online

If your current insurance is about to expire you’re probably not looking forward to going through the rigmarole of renewing your insurance policy or looking for a better deal. This long and complicated process can be time consuming and feel like a chore. But looking for car insurance only feels that way if you insist… Read More »

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Car?

Other than a home, the most expensive investment you’ll ever make is an automobile. It’s not an easy purchase by any means, and there’s a lot to consider. Do want to buy a new model or are you in the market for a pre-owned vehicle? What attributes are you looking for? What are the most… Read More »